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Honeymoon Basics

The Groom's Guide to Booking a Honeymoon

Your bride has the wedding prep under control, so why not take over the honeymoon plans? Tradition says you should, so here's all you need to know.

Get ready, groom-to-be. Not long ago, you were watching the ballgame with some friends, unequivocally stating, "I'm nowhere near ready to get married." But now, you have proposed to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, she said yes, and the planning for the big event has begun. If you are following tradition, your fiancé and her family will most likely bear the brunt of the planning and financial responsibility for the wedding. The honeymoon, however, traditionally falls onto your plate. If you enjoy planning things, or even if this task reminds you of a trip to the dentist, read below for quick, helpful pointers on subjects to consider when booking the perfect honeymoon.

When, Where And How Much?

Have a budget in mind, as well as a few destinations and the date for your honeymoon, then do some research. Be sure to find out about the following:
-Airline travel (or other preferred transportation)
-Car rental
-Special rates
-Tour packages
-All-inclusive resorts
All-inclusive resorts offer a great value, and going into the trip you will have a more precise idea of what you will spend. You can then bring extra cash and spend it on extra outings, such as snorkeling, horseback riding, a sunset cliff dive, sailing, etc. Often, these extra adventures are even included in the price.

The Documents

Once you choose the location, be sure to determine the identification you will need. Some foreign countries require a special visa as well as a passport. Along the same lines, some countries require specific inoculations. Check with your doctor to determine required medical clearances, or strange diseases to be wary of, as well as any shots you will need. Have these vaccinations administered well in advance of your wedding day to guard against any reactions. Finally, it is also a smart precaution to photocopy your identification (passport, driver's license), travel itinerary, airline tickets, and credit cards in case of theft or loss.

Travel Advisories

Now and then, the U.S. State Department issues travel warnings and advisories for countries deemed unsafe for travel by American citizens. If you are traveling abroad, be sure to gain access to this information and plan accordingly. Also, it is important to know the location and contact information of the local U.S. Embassy in case of emergency.

The Territory

Essential to the enjoyment of your honeymoon will be your familiarity with the surroundings. When booking your trip, contact the local tourism bureau and request a map, brochures, and any details regarding special events in the area. If available, purchase a travel guide such as a Frommer's Guide and read over the details before you arrive at your destination. Having this knowledge and a rough plan can save time and put you more at ease when you arrive. Also, inquire about the expected seasonal weather in the area during the time you will be there. More efficient packing means a lighter load to carry.

"We're On Our Honeymoon"

You will want to publicize that you are on your honeymoon at select times before and during the trip. Start with your travel agent if you're using one, and she can find honeymoon specials and discounted rates. Selectively doling out the "We're on our honeymoon" rap can pay off like a long overdue slot machine. You'll be surprised how often it works in your favor for complimentary meals, room upgrades, discounted tours and adventure outings, and other fringe benefits. At the same time, be wary of vendors looking to overcharge honeymooning newlyweds they believe will pay anything to avoid a confrontation.


Make sure you pack a small carry-on bag that includes your essentials in case there is a delay in receiving your luggage once you arrive at your destination. You don't want to be caught without a change of clothes or your toiletries during the travel day and first night of your honeymoon.

One master packing list should be built over time before you leave, just to ensure you have thought of everything you will need. Consider any honeymoon activities that will require special clothing or equipment and consider buying some of the items before you travel (scuba gear, sunblock, hiking boots, etc.). This is more difficult if the honeymoon is a surprise, since you'll have to pack her things. If you are up to the task, go for it anyway.

The Extras

Overextend yourself in a few areas. First, be sure to bring more cash and traveler's checks than you think you will need. You can't be caught penniless on your honeymoon. Second, since this is a trip you must document, bring more film than you think you will need. Finally, include a lot of quiet, down time when you are alone. Sightseeing and other activities are great, but ultimately this trip is the beginning of the incredible life's journey you have embarked on together.

And More…

Needless to say, there are many details you must nail down when finalizing your plans.
Thanks to the web, you can do most of your honeymoon research and planning online to save time. Once your plans are set, be sure to keep all the information in one place and to double-check your reservations, identification, and packing list at least a week before you leave. Have a wonderful honeymoon!

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