Honeymoon Disasters -- And the Brides Who Survived 'Em

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Photo Credits:
Beach –- Petit St. Vincent Resort
Tent -- Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
Pool –- Parrot Cay
Couple on Swing –- Photodisc

Honeymoon Disasters -- And the Brides Who Survived 'Em

And they live happily ever after -- almost. From monsoons during tropical escapes to being snowed in at an airport, we've rounded up some of the biggest honeymoon disasters you won't believe!

Under Lock and Key

"My husband was having stomach issues on our cruise. We made the mistake of going to the cruise ship's medical facilities, and they ended up confining him to our room for 24 hours! We were just about to dock in Curacao, and my husband was stuck in his room -- and not allowed to tour the island. We were really upset because we had an excursion planned, but made the best of it by renting free movies and ordering as much room service as possible." -- tiffbabey

More Money More Problems

"My debit card was compromised the week before our wedding, so I had to get a new one. The bank told me they would rush it to my mother's house (I was an out-of-town bride), but it never showed up. My husband's bank wasn't local, so the day after the wedding, we went to my bank and deposited all the checks directly into my account. We figured we could transfer the money to his account once we got to St. Lucia since I still didn't have the new debit card. Boy, were we wrong! After my bank promised they would FedEx my debit card, it never came and we almost missed our flight trying to figure out how we were going to pay for our room. Luckily, my husband's uncle came to the rescue and we made our flight. What a horrible experience!" -- jujubee455

Beach Bummed

"We rented a condo on the beach in Florida for our honeymoon. When we arrived, the rental office was closed and we couldn't get into our condo. After calling the emergency number on the office door and being on hold for 20 minutes we were finally given a code to get in. At first everything seemed okay. Then we found hair in the sheets of our bed, the tile floor was sticky, the carpet was greasy, the air conditioner was broken, and they were building a new pier right beside our building. We ended up sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room that night with the balcony doors open because it was so hot. The next morning, my new husband called the office and demanded a refund. Thankfully, everything ended up being all right: We got all of our money back and were able to find a really nice hotel about an hour down the beach that we loved! -- katyp51

Out in the Cold

"We went to Las Vegas for the last few days of our honeymoon and it was so cold! it was 58 degrees, windy, and it even rained. I've been to Vegas four times now and never imagined it would be so cold and rainy the end of April. We stayed at Caesars Palace but the pool was closed and blocked off -- we couldn't even go out to look at the area! My husband fussed about the weather and the lack of pool a lot, but there wasn't much we could do, so we just had to suck it up. We bought hoodies and bundled up and enjoyed walking the strip." -- festivegal2008

Detours Ahead

"My husband and I went to Germany for our honeymoon. We were meant to go for two weeks, but while we were away, a volcano in Iceland erupted (remember that news story?) and completely ruined European travel for weeks. Our flight was cancelled two days before we were supposed to fly home. We were rescheduled twice and almost got stuck there for an extra week. In order to avoid that, we opted for an eight-hour train ride to Amsterdam where we stayed with a friend of a friend of a friend. We spent 12 hours in Amsterdam then took an eight-hour flight to Detroit. After a six-hour layover in Detroit, we took a two-hour flight to Boston and finally made it home! It's definitely a story to tell the grandkids." -- MandahGirly

Shaken, Not Stirred

"My husband and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, and we were there when the 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit. In fact, we were just a few miles from the epicenter. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it certainly put an interesting twist on our trip. I grew up in California and have been through my fair share of earthquakes, but it was my husband's first so he was a little shaken (no pun intended), and a lot of guests at our resort were freaking out! Our family saw it on the news and was so worried, but since the phones were down for a while, we couldn't even call them. Fortunately, the rest of the trip was fantastic, but this made for an interesting story to tell when we got back home. -- LyndseylovesHugh

Split in Two

"On our second day at Disney World, we were at Magic Kingdom and getting onto the first ride of the day, Space Mountain. Just as my husband stepped on to the ride, his shorts ripped on his left side from top to bottom. He had to wait at an arcade while I ran around the Magic Kingdom looking for new shorts for him to wear. In the end, I bought him a pair of bright blue plaid Mickey Mouse shorts. -- andyandhillary