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8 Money Saving Tips For Your Honeymoon

Kicking off your marriage with an extraordinary honeymoon is a memorable way to begin the next chapter of your life. Make more room in your budget for beach-side dinners and biking through the jungle by saving money where you can. My tips will help you stretch your cash for the best honeymoon possible.
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Create a Honeymoon Fund

You don't want to be paying for your two-week vacation for years to come, so prevent a cloud of debt by saving up for your honeymoon. Create a separate honeymoon fund and transfer money each month from your checking accounts to this special savings account. It will be exciting for you and your honey to watch the fund grow, because every dollar means you're closer to your romantic getaway.

Make a Short List

After you've determined how much you can afford to spend on your honeymoon, it's time to choose your ideal place to vacation as newlyweds. Costs can vary greatly depending on destination so come up with a list of three to five places that you'd love to visit. Your budget may be fixed, but flexibility when it comes to the destination will make it easier to find an option that's affordable.

Consider a Travel Agent

While travel agents typically charge a couple hundred dollars as their planning fee, they could potentially save you money overall. They often have access to better deals than you can find yourself and they're willing to work within your stated budget. Not all travel agents fit this helpful bill, so ask around and get agent recommendations from friends and family.

Keep Track of Deals

Keep track of travel deals so you have some knowledge about pricing (and bargaining power) before asking for help from a travel agent. Some will even price match.

Know What's Included

If you're all about all-inclusive resorts, know what is included before you book. Double check whether or not gratuity is included and which excursions are part of your package. Something like gratuity may not seem like a big deal, but if you're away for a week or two that means you'll need to budget a few hundred dollars more for tips.

Mention It's Your Honeymoon

Spread the word: it's your honeymoon! Make sure your hotel knows it's your honeymoon when reserving your room, because it may just get a complimentary room upgrade or extra perks. If you're paying a special honeymoon rate, ask ahead of time if you'll need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate to show proof that you were just married.

Go Off-Season

Choosing an off-season location will be cheaper than visiting a place during its peak tourist time. Online research will give you a good idea of when various places experience their high seasons, and a travel agent would surely be in the know about seasonality.

Cut Down Credit Card Fees

Many credit card companies apply fees to purchases made in foreign currencies, so check with yours to see how their fee would compare to international ATM surcharges. If you own several cards, check with each about their fees on foreign purchases and use the card with the lowest fees.

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