Q: Is There A Standard Length Of Time For A Honeymoon?

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Photo Credits:
Beach –- Petit St. Vincent Resort
Tent -- Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
Pool –- Parrot Cay
Couple on Swing –- Photodisc

Is There a Standard Length of Time for a Honeymoon?

A: A honeymoon can be as long or short as the two of you would like. The average honeymoon is about a week, but can range from a couple of days to a month long. Factors to consider before booking your honeymoon are: budget, time off (from work), sitters for children (if any), and boarding for animals (if any). When deciding on where to go, you should both think of places you have longed to visit and the reasons why. You can begin eliminating destinations due to weather, climate, if one of you has already been there, or if it’s a place that you’d rather visit for an anniversary. Honeymoons can range from a night in an amazing Las Vegas suite to trekking through the streets of Italy for a couple of weeks, or going on a month long journey through Africa – safaris and all. Just like your wedding, your honeymoon should be all about the two of you.