Top 10 US Honeymoon Hotels

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Top 10 US Honeymoon Hotels

Trust us, there's nothing boring about a domestic honeymoon -- just check out these 10 luxe hotels from across the country (west coast to the east!)

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top US hotels

Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska

Remember: Staying somewhere cold gives you plenty of good reasons to snuggle up. Besides that, Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage offers gorgeous views of Cook Inlet, the Chugach Mountains, the Anchorage cityscape, and even Mount McKinley. You'll find just about everything within the three towers of this, the only luxury hotel in Anchorage -- including a 9,000-square-foot ballroom, four restaurants, 547 rooms, and 96 suites, in addition to all the expected amenities, like a spa, pool, and fitness center with fitness classes included. Once you've taken your fill of what the hotel has to offer, don't forget that you're just steps away from incredible hiking, shopping, and a wide variety of day-long excursions. (Hotel Captain Cook)