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What's an Appropriate Gift for Your Bride?


Wedding gifts exchanged between the bride and groom should be symbolic of their love and commitment. Whether traditional or not, the important thing is that they come from the heart.

Traditional. The groom with no budget restrictions gives his bride a piece of jewelry, such as a strand of pearls or diamond earrings that she might wear on their wedding day and thereafter.

The following are some traditional gift ideas:

  • A classic pearl necklace
  • A heart locket with a personal engraving on the back
  • A brooch
  • Pearl earrings
  • Diamond earrings
  • A beautiful jewelry box
  • A bottle of extravagant perfume

Not So Traditional. Perhaps the two of you have decided to exchange meaningful yet inexpensive gifts. A creative and romantic present need not break the bank. Think of something special that you both enjoy doing together, such as photography, music, or sports. Gestures that cost absolutely nothing -- such as a love letter -- also make heartfelt gifts.

The following are some nontraditional gift ideas to inspire the perfect gift for your beloved.

  • An antique hair ornament
  • A pretty journal
  • A special photograph in a frame
  • A love letter written on a beautiful card
  • An original poem or love song
  • A tree sapling (traditional in Bermuda and the Netherlands)
  • Joint personalized stationery
  • A book of love poetry, inscribed
  • Tickets to your favorite opera or sports event
  • A CD compilation of favorite love songs
  • A picnic basket filled with favorite wines and goodies

The best time to give your gift is shortly before the wedding, as your fiancee may want to wear the gift for the wedding.

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