Second Wedding Guide: Alternative Wedding Ideas

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Second Wedding Guide: Alternative Wedding Ideas

The old rule of having a small, discreet, second wedding no longer applies; feel free to do what you think is appropriate and will make both you and your future spouse happy. Whether this means a large wedding with you in a long white dress and veil or a small, intimate gathering with you wearing anything but a white dress, is entirely up to you.
Maybe your first wedding was a simple affair and this time you want to pull out all the stops. Now that you are older, you probably feel less obligated to make your choices based on your parents’ wishes, so you have a wider range of choices available to you. Here are some ideas:

Destination Weddings

Family and close friends are invited to a location out of town, generally a vacation spot, where the ceremony and reception take place. The couple can plan group activities during the weekend of the wedding, such as dinners, visiting local attractions or attending sporting events. Destination weddings can double as a vacation for everyone who attends. Because of the travel and expense required to attend destination weddings, generally only close family and friends make the trip.

Private Ceremony, Large Reception

Another popular choice for second weddings is a private ceremony and then later, a party to which friends and family are invited. This is a nice idea for the couple that wants an intimate exchange of vows, but still wants to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. Sometimes the private ceremony includes only immediate family, other times it is just the bride and groom and witnesses.

Surprise Weddings

Guests are invited to a wedding, usually disguised as a birthday party or holiday get-together and then the happy couple springs it on them; “We’re getting married today! Right here, right now.” This type of wedding appeals to the couple that wants family and friends in attendance, but prefer to avoid the rituals that lead up to a customary wedding.
All of these alternatives can be just as eventful as a traditional ceremony. Couples are reinterpreting the elements to include and what to leave out of weddings all the time, but one thing that will never change is the significance of the event itself. Weddings still represent the celebration of two people joining their lives together and that’s a constant. Today there are just more ways to celebrate!

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