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How long is the average wedding ceremony?

A The length of a wedding ceremony totally depends on the bride and groom. And lots of couples’ ceremonies are influenced by families and cultures. If you’re having a Christian ceremony, for example, you can make it longer or shorter depending on how many readings you include, or if guests receive communion as part of it. Typically, wedding ceremonies last 30 minutes, but a traditional Catholic wedding mass lasts closer to an hour. Conversely, a couple can decide to say quick vows that last only 15 minutes.

When you determine the length of your ceremony and what time you’d like it to begin, consider how long your guests will have to wait for the cocktail hour after the ceremony ends. You don’t want them to have four hours to kill without something to do. If you can’t help but have a long gap, plan an activity for your guests during the day, like a game of croquet or a trolley tour, depending on your location, of course.