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Photo Credits: Larissa Cleveland, Next Exit Photography, Tara Connor Photography, Nicole Dixon Photographic, and Lindsay Flanagan Photography.

The Best Advice I Never Got

We all know that hindsight is 20/20, which is exactly why we asked brides who have been there to give us their best tips and pieces of advice that no one else told them along the way. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top 10 pieces of advice you just won't hear anywhere else.

Photo: Faith West Photography

1. "Truly think of who you WANT at your wedding. And don't invite everyone under the sun 'just because.'" -- Nursegrl507

Remember, it's a wedding, not a high school reunion. OK, we know everyone has that 'crazy uncle' that your mother is insisting you invite -- but the majority of the guest list should be people that you really want to see. If that means your guest list is just 20 people -- so be it. There's no correlation between having a big wedding and having more fun.

2. "Something will go wrong on your wedding day, but at the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life and that's all that matters. Relax and enjoy it." -- bexx246

The sooner you can come to accept this piece of advice, the better. So the flower girl's hair didn't curl just the way you wanted it -- don't let it ruin your day. Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, no matter how much you prepare for emergencies. Remember that what people cherish most about the day is seeing a happy, smiling bride and groom.

3. “Don't buy your wedding dress the minute you get engaged.” - pongracz.1

We know it's tempting, but try to wait a few weeks until you get used to the word fiance first. Unless your wedding is two months from the time of your engagement, there's no reason to rush buying the dress, even if you think you know exactly what you want. Try on several dresses, if possible, at different boutiques, and ask the bridal consultants there to suggest a few styles. Keep an open mind; you may be surprised with what you end up picking out.

4. "Ask the groom what he wants to be a part of. Too often, brides assume that the groom doesn't care when it comes to the wedding details. Don't assume, just ask him." -- mcclurekelley

These days, more and more grooms are getting actively involved in the planning process. And why shouldn't they? It's their day too. If you're worried that your overzealous groom might get in the way, delegate specific tasks that he can focus his energy on. For instance, let him pick out his attire, along with all of the groomsmen; or let him design the seating cards or ceremony programs. Think of it as a bonding experience, and you’ll both probably enjoy the planning more if you’re doing it together anyway.

5. "Make sure you have transportation planned out for the ENTIRE day -- not just to and from the wedding venue." -- Buckeye_43

Plan out the entire day in terms of locations: hair, makeup and nail appointments, getting ready at your house, arriving at the church, getting to that special location for your photos, arriving at the reception, and getting to the honeymoon suite. If you're not planning on renting a limo for the whole day, talk to your parents and bridesmaids and designate drivers for different parts of the day. That way, you won't wind up without a ride to the hair salon because everyone else is out running last minute errands.

6. "Do projects when you're in the mood to do them, regardless of whether or not it’s the right time. If you come home from work one day eager to address your invitations -- just go with it." -- ChelseaBFH

That's right, if you're suddenly in the mood to research honeymoon spots or outline your ceremony -- don't worry if it's not on the timeline. There's no reason that you can't buy the wedding bands eight months in advance, book your honeymoon six months out, or do your seating chart as soon as you receive the RSVP cards. The point is, don't leave anything until the last minute or put off a small task because it seems too early. The months leading up to your wedding will fly by, so try to accomplish something small every week.

7. “Spend some one-on-one romantic time with your fiance every week.” -- mae317

We know: All that planning and organizing can be draining. And when you're tired and stressed, there isn't always time for romance. Try to take one night a week -- or even better, one day -- where you both commit not to talk about the wedding. Cook dinner together, take a walk, see a movie, and just remember why you're getting married in the first place.

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