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Gifts for Each Other

The giving of gifts between the bride and groom may be a longstanding tradition, however, like any other tradition, it is completely up to you (and your fiance) whether you want to follow it -- or not. The best thing to do is talk it over together beforehand. If you are footing the bill for the entire wedding, reception and honeymoon, you may be unable to afford the extra expense of separate bride and groom's gifts. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to consider the wedding itself your gift to each other. However, in the event that you are not paying for the wedding, or simply can't bear not to give your beloved a wedding gift, here's our take on the subject.

The Thought Counts.

Wedding gifts exchanged between the bride and groom should be symbolic of their love and commitment. No matter whether it is traditional or nontraditional, this gift should be meaningful, or at the very least, personal. Therefore, we know this for certain: cash gifts and toasters are definitely not appropriate choices (and no last minute shopping, please).


Traditionally, the groom with no budget restrictions gives his bride a gift of jewelry, such as a strand of pearls or diamond earrings that she might wear on their wedding day, and thereafter. The bride might give her groom a watch with the date of the wedding engraved on the back that he, too, will wear on his way down the aisle. The following are some other gift ideas in the traditional vein, some of which will not completely devastate your savings account.

For Her

  • A classic pearl necklace
  • A heart locket with personal engraving on the back
  • A brooch or necklace
  • Pearl earrings
  • A beautiful jewelry box
  • A bottle of extravagant perfume
  • A new Jaguar sedan (OK, not exactly traditional, but nice,

For Him

  • An engraved watch
  • A leather desk set
  • An exquisitely bound book, personally inscribed
  • An engraved sterling silver picture frame
  • A monogrammed handkerchief
  • An antique desk clock
  • An engraved money clip
  • A Lear jet (again, not traditional, but a very good gift)

Not So Traditional.

While you wouldn't turn down one of the gifts mentioned above, you've never been the traditional type -- you were thinking of something different for your beloved. Perhaps the two of you have decided to exchange meaningful, yet inexpensive gifts to each other. One man we know gave his bride a beautiful restored bicycle built for two. Not only did it not break the bank, the gift was incredibly creative and romantic (they love to bicycle). Think of what is meaningful to the two of you -- photography, music, scuba diving? Gestures that cost absolutely nothing -- such as a love letter -- also make heartfelt gifts. The following are some non-traditional gift ideas to inspire the perfect gift for your beloved.

For Her

  • An antique hair ornament
  • A pretty journal
  • For Him

  • A vintage smoking jacket
  • An exquisite fountain pen

For Either

  • A bi-plane ride for two, complete with old fashioned goggles
  • A special photograph in a frame
  • A love letter written on a beautiful card
  • An original poem or love song
  • A tree sapling (traditional in Bermuda and the Netherlands)
  • Joint personalized stationery
  • A book of love poetry, inscribed
  • Tickets to your favorite opera or sports event
  • A cassette or CD compiled of favorite love songs
  • A picnic basket filled with favorite wines and goodies

The best time to give your gift is shortly before the wedding, in the event that your fiancee may want to wear it in the wedding -- perhaps after the wedding rehearsal, if you can steal a moment together.
Wedding gifts between the bride and groom don't have to follow tradition, nor must they cost a fortune; they need only be personal, and come from the heart. In the end, the greatest gift of all will be the love and commitment you give each other through the years.

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