The 50 Questions Every Bride Asks

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Photo Credits: Larissa Cleveland, Next Exit Photography, Tara Connor Photography, Nicole Dixon Photographic, and Lindsay Flanagan Photography.

The 50 Questions Every Bride Asks

Sometimes, it's just hard to know where to start when it comes to planning a wedding. That's why we've rounded up 50 of the most common questions brides ask all the time. Chances are, you'll find your answer here.

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1. Are there any basics I should know before I meet with the florist and caterer?

2. Are children automatically included in the wedding invitation?

3. Do you have to invite your boss to your wedding?

4. What's the proper invitation wording for divorced parents?

5. When should I send my wedding invitations?

6. Should my invitations include a dress code?

7. Should I send an engagement announcement?

8. Do I have to send save-the-dates?

9. What are some traditional invitation wording guidelines?

10.Can I make my invitations myself?


11. Should we get a pre-nup?

12. Am I expected to tip all of the vendors?

13. What are the traditional roles of the bride and groom's parents in terms of paying for the wedding?

14. How much should you negotiate with your vendors before backing down?

15. How can we save for our wedding?

16. What are the biggest budget mistakes?

17. What are some ways I can save on my wedding and still stay trendy?

18. We've already started planning, can we still save money on the wedding?

19. What is wedding insurance and do we need it?

20. Can we use a credit card to pay for any of the wedding details?


21. What's considered a traditional bridal shower?

22. Should I register for my bridal shower too?

23. What's a "Jack & Jill" party?

24. How do you throw a destination bachelorette party?

25. Do I need invitations to the rehearsal dinner?


26. Should you list an earlier start time on your invitation?

27. What if someone adds a plus 1 to their wedding invite?

28. Should child care be arranged for an adults-only reception?

29. Who's expected to give a toast at the reception?

30. What are some creative ways to entertain my guests?

31. How exactly does a receiving line work?

32. What's appropriate reception music for all ages?

33. What should my wedding programs say?

34. My fiance and I are non-traditional. How can we make our ceremony different?

35. How do we write our own vows?


36. Can I return my wedding gown, if it hasn't been altered?

37. How far in advance should I start shopping for the wedding gown?

38. What are the 4 C's of wedding ring shopping?

39. How can I slim down for the wedding?

40. What types of bridesmaids dresses are best for formal weddings?

41. If I don't want my bridesmaids to match, what are some alternatives?

42. Is there a bridesmaid gown style that flatters everyone?

43. What are some popular styles of bridesmaids dresses?

44. What are some popular styles of wedding gowns?

45. What are some great updo hairstyles options for brides?


46. How can I get along with my future mother-in-law?

47. I don't like his groomsmen. How do I tell him?

48. My maid of honor is lazy, can I kick her out?

49. Is my fiance a groomzilla?

50. Is it rude not to invite everyone in my bridal party with a plus 1?

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