The 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

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Photo Credits: Larissa Cleveland, Next Exit Photography, Tara Connor Photography, Nicole Dixon Photographic, and Lindsay Flanagan Photography.

The 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

When it comes to planning a day this important, there's only one way to remember everything: lists, lists, and more lists. We've asked real brides to share what they nearly forgot on their wedding day to-do list. Take notes so you don’t make the same mistake!

Photo: Shutterstock

1. Your Cake Cutting Set

-- dvohnout

Remember, the cake cutting is a big photo op -- so make sure it looks just the way you want. If you know you wouldn't use a cake cutting set ever again, ask your mother or soon-to-be mother-in-law if there's a family set that you could use for the wedding. Either way, bringing a simple knife or spatula from home just won't cut it in this case.

2. Tissues

"After we started the ceremony I realized I had no tissues! I was so afraid I was going to start crying, so I just smiled and focused on breathing!" -- hayleymajayley

It's great if your mother has some tissues on hand, but depending on your ceremony setup remember that she may not be close enough to hand them over. Give a few tissues to your maid of honor, who will be standing right next to you. No maid of honor? Tuck a few tissues discreetly inside your bouquet so you can easily pull them out if you start to feel teary-eyed.

3. Gifts for Everyone

"We forgot to get gifts for our parents until the last minute! We got our pedicures done at a salon in the mall, so I ran to the engraving store, bought some picture frames, and had them engraved while we were getting our nails done. Then I realized that we didn't get anything for my godparents, so after the pedicure, I ran back to the store and had to order another one!" -- becky515

Maybe you've remembered your bridal party, but what about those other special friends or family members who have done little things along the way to make your planning go more smoothly? Take some time in the weeks before your wedding to make sure you haven't left anyone out. Did your fiance's aunt help plan your shower? Did one of your cousins stay up late tying ribbons on those tiny favors with you? In these cases, even a small token of thanks can go a long way.

4. Reserved Seating

"I had two rows of seats set aside especially for the ushers, hosts, and special family members, but forgot to tell everyone to use them! Our rows looked so bare because no one was there. I felt pretty silly." -- schumakr

This might sound obvious, but if you plan on seating family members in certain places at the ceremony -- make sure you tell them! You may not remember on the day of the wedding, so tell your day-of coordinator or an usher beforehand, and have them help you direct your family to their seats.

5. DJ Playlists

"Definitely didn't send the 'must-play' list to the DJ…and trust us, we should have!" -- jujubee455

Last time we checked, saying, "Play some popular music that everybody will love," is a fairly subjective request. You've got music preferences, so make sure to share them before the night of the wedding. You've probably discussed your big entrance song and the key dance songs, but what about the rest of the night? Give your DJ "must-play" and "songs to avoid" lists so you're sure to get exactly what you want.

6. The Rings

"My day-of coordinator left our rings at my parents' house...luckily my sister answered her cell phone and she was still at the house!" -- Laurms15

Believe it or not, we hear this one a lot. Let's face it: Though important, they are small, and in the rush of day-of excitement, it can be easy to leave the little things behind. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by putting someone in charge of the rings well ahead of time. Your maid of honor is a great choice, but if you think she's already got a lot to do, give this responsibility to someone else who can really focus on getting the rings to the ceremony.

7. Your Transportation

"We totally forgot to figure out how to get everyone from the bustling downtown area where we got ready to the chapel on the other side of town! We panicked, hurried to find cars, and got there late. I was beyond stressed!" -- jmorri26

Even if you live in a big city, it's best not to depend on "catching a cab" on an important day like your wedding. Make transportation arrangements ahead of time (even if it's just scheduling to have the cab pick you up). And remember to plan for traffic delays. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the ceremony just in case there are any holdups, such as an accident or construction work.

8. Seating Charts

"We forgot our reception seating chart for the guests. It just got lost in the shuffle." -- jmorri26

It's not enough to just do a seating chart, you also have to display it so your guests can find their seats. (We've got plenty of creative ideas for seating charts in our photo galleries.) Though it might not seem like a big deal, it's important not to let this slip, even if you're having a wedding under 100 people. A seating chart makes everything much more organized in transitioning your guests from the cocktail hour to dinner.

9. The Reception Extras

"At the wedding we forgot to do the bouquet and garter toss. Time flew by!" -- jmorri26

As soon as the dancing starts, you may not notice how quickly the time goes by. Before you know it, your DJ will be calling for the last dance. If you don't have a day-of coordinator, put someone in charge of keeping you on schedule. Set up a tentative timeline for your reception and give it to your "task master" who can pull you aside and let you know when it's time to cut the cake or throw your bouquet. That way, you won't miss out on anything you want to do.

10. Your Something Special

"I definitely forgot about my something borrowed and something blue. One of my bridesmaids loaned me a couple of bobby pins, and wrote on my leg with blue pen." -- lindsey.moore

Try to figure out your something old, new, borrowed, and blue well ahead of time if you want to partake in this tradition. Even if you're not concerned with the "borrowed and blue," triple-check the list of what you'll be wearing on your wedding day from head to toe. After you pack your accessories, review what you're taking with a bridesmaid who can help you think of anything you may have left out.

Share below! Are there any things that you forgot -- or nearly forgot -- on the day of the wedding?