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Can you uninvite a wedding guest?


There is no polite way to handle this situation. Uninviting a wedding guest once your save-the-date cards have gone out can be awkward. Save-the-dates indicate that a wedding invitation is on the way, and the recipient will be expecting it to arrive. You should try to avoid cutting your guest list if possible. You may want to consider scaling back your wedding plans instead. Cut out a detail or two and you should be able to accommodate all of your intended guests.

If, however, you have already signed contracts, and it seems like making cuts is the only option, it’s a good idea to call each of the uninvited guests and explain the reasons for the retraction. (It’s the right thing to do, even if it will be uncomfortable.) As long as you don’t cut close friends and family members, the others should understand. If you’re still feeling bad, try to host a small party for them to help you celebrate your marriage either before or after the official ceremony. Plan to make this party open to everyone you wanted to invite but just could not.

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