Q&A: Is it okay to invite someone to the bachelorette party who is not invited to the wedding? - Wedding Etiquette - Wedding Planning

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Is It Okay to Invite Someone to the Bachelorette Party who Is not Invited to the Wedding?


Generally, no. Bachelorette parties are intended for only the bride’s friends and family, such as the bridal party and close friends who will be attending the ceremony. Attendants should definitely double-check the bachelorette party invitation list with the wedding invitation list to avoid any awkward situations. However, as a courtesy, they may ask the bride if there is anyone else that she would like to include in the celebration. She might want to invite someone who is unable to attend the wedding on that date, or a few coworkers with whom she is close but is unable to fit onto her guest list. After all, she will be the one that is considered rude or inconsiderate if a guest harbors hurt feelings over the lack of invitation.

If you are organizing a bachelorette party and would like to invite one of your friends to tag along, consult the bride first. Chances are she won’t have a problem with it, but it is her party, so asking her is the courteous thing to do.

Try to resolve any questionable situations beforehand so that you can have a drama-free bachelorette party. This event is your opportunity to toast the bride and celebrate her impending marriage without any negative baggage impeding your efforts.

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