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What Types of Makeup Photograph Beautifully?


A bride's look has to last for the better part of 10 hours -- with minimal touch-ups -- and she's got to look gorgeous both in person and in her wedding album. The following tricks of photography-makeup experts will not only enhance your natural beauty, but enhance your beauty on film as well.


That soft, shimmering shadow swept over your cheeks and brow bone looks lovely in person, right? So how come you look like a drag queen in photos? It's because the glimmer is reflected and magnified on film, often with overdramatic results. Save the shiny stuff for pretty shoulders and stick with sheer or classic mattes in neutral tones for your face.


The difference between a dewy complexion and a greasy complexion is the kind of foundation you use. We recommend water-based foundations and well-blended cream blushes. Prescriptives has a line of Photochrome makeup that is oil free, but without the light-reflecting elements, many oil-free foundations have that give skin a white cast in photographs. Anything else is likely to translate as shiny on film. The same goes for high-gloss lipstick: Not only is it easily kissed away, it's also too trendy and too sexy for a wedding. Find a matte in a soft rose, fresh pink, or natural nude.


Because you'll be looking at your wedding album for the rest of your life, we suggest you choose fresh, neutral colors -- at least for your pictures. Stick with sables, peaches, roses, and creams while you're taking photos, and keep eyeliner subtle.


If you follow one piece of wedding makeup advice, make sure it's that you use waterproof mascara. For extra oomph on camera, add two or three individual false lashes to the outer edges of your upper lids. They look great on film and in person.

Black-and-White or Color

There are experts that say your makeup has to be one way for color photos and another for black-and-white. Well, that's not going to happen. So when you're figuring out your makeup, plan for color photography. You walk around in color, so chances are most of your pictures will be in color. What generally looks great on brides in color looks great on brides in black-and-white too.

Making It Last

For your wedding day, your makeup should be applied in layers to make it last longer. Start with a primer for eyes and lips that reduce fading and creasing, and finish with powder overall. And while layering and blending are at the core of a long-lasting look, water-based and matte products help too.

Trendy Looks

Remember, neutral and timeless is always where it's at for brides -- in person, and on camera. If you find blood-red lips, high-gloss lipstick, and dark eyeliner simply impossible to resist, try saving them for the reception.

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