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Which Hairstyles Are Right for a Formal Wedding? Casual?


The single most important thing about a wedding hairstyle is that it makes you feel beautiful. That said, just about any style can be tailored to fit the formality of your wedding.

Black-Tie Wedding

The most common hairstyle for a black-tie wedding (the most formal type of event) is the updo. The updo can range from a smooth chignon to a complicated design of braids and curls pinned and pulled together by your stylist. In general, off the shoulders is the rule and regal elegance is the goal.

Formal Wedding

An updo works well at a formal wedding too; in fact, the most-requested hairstyle for the past few years was a tight, sleek bun with side-parted bangs. However, if you’d like to let your hair down, a half-up, half-down style is a beautiful compromise. Your stylist will sweep the front section of your hair back, up, or to the side, and anchor it with a pretty accessory while letting the rest of your hair fall loose. This style is extremely versatile and the perfect middle ground between formal and casual.

Semiformal Wedding

The sky’s the limit for a semiformal wedding. If you steer toward an updo, consider one that's soft and less structured. The half-up, half-down style works well, and loose hair is perfectly acceptable. If you’re leaving your hair down, however, make sure it’s a polished look; tousled doesn’t mean messy, and straight doesn’t mean flat. Think sleek pageboy or a riot of perfectly formed curls.

Casual Wedding

A casual wedding doesn’t require a specific style, but whatever you choose should still be polished. If you want to go with your usual style, dress it up a little with some product and a professional blow-dry. If you’d like an updo, consider a structured ponytail or a loose French twist with some tendrils left loose.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is the perfect occasion for loose, styled hair. Hair left down can easily withstand ocean breezes and is utterly romantic when paired with bare shoulders. A casual updo like pretty curls piled on top of your head can work well seaside too, but stay away from anything overly structured.

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