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How to Hire a Stationer: Last-Minute Checklist

Your invitations have arrived. You've assembled, addressed and sealed each one with a kiss. There are just a few details to remember...

Hand Canceling

Don't send your beautiful invitations through the postage machine where they'll get an ugly black bar code across the top! Have your invitations hand-cancelled, so they'll look as pristine to your guests as they did when you dropped them off. Some post offices will even let you do this yourself.

Send An Invitation To Yourself

You'll want to know how quickly your guests received your invitation and that they received it in good condition.

Take Your Invitations To The Post Office Personally

Don't leave a huge stack of invitations for your own postal carrier or drop them into your corner mailbox. The fewer hands that touch your invitations, the less chance there is that they will get lost or damaged.


Etiquette suggests that wedding announcements be sent out on the day of your wedding, and no more than three months after. While announcements are not required, they are often perfect for couples who had small weddings and weren't able to include all their loved ones in the special day. Recipients of invitations never receive an announcement and announcements do not require that a guest send you a gift.

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