Music and Dance: Hot Trends

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Photo Credits:
DJ -- Geoff White Photographers
First Dance Songs -- Jasmine Star
Dancing Bride and Groom -- Sara Remington of Anna Kuperberg Photography
Processional Songs -- Nicole Hill Gerulat
Violinist -- Geoff White Photographers
Band –- Innovative Photography


Music and Dance: Hot Trends

Totally Eighties:

Nothing beats classic songs from your youth, whether it's Billy Idol or Talking Heads, Bryan Adams or Madonna. The eighties feature a wealth of styles and sounds, everything from Blondie to The Go-Gos, Duran Duran to Depeche Mode, The Clash to The Cars.

Touching Tributes:

Always dreamed of hiring The Red Hot Chili Peppers to rock your wedding reception? Well, the chance of getting the real thing is slim, to say the least, but consider hiring the next best thing: a tribute band. Tribute bands imitate popular acts by dressing like them and playing their songs to near-perfection. Ask around town or search the Internet to find a tribute band of your favorite act. You'll be surprised how real they seem!

Line 'Em Up:

There's no denying that some country line dancing is a sure-shot way to get your guests up and moving. Something about group dancing gets even the most bashful members of your guest list out on the floor and kicking up their heels. So find that local country band or buy some CDs of Nashville's brightest stars. When the party continues at the nearest honky tonk joint long after the reception ends, you'll know your music was a hit!

Strong As Steel:

Especially appropriate for a tropical-themed or summer wedding, a steel drum band makes for a distinctive and increasingly popular musical choice. The island rhythms get people jumping and create a sunny, festive atmosphere. A steel drum band usually consists of between four and ten members, with at least two steel drums, as well as a bassist, guitarist and singer.

Take Root:

Reach back to your roots and hire a folk group playing the music your great-grandparents may have danced to at their wedding. Whether it's an Irish reel featuring fiddles and bodhran drums, a Mariachi sombrero dance, or Ghanese talking drums and Kpanlogo rhythms, ethnic music can imbue your ceremony with history and culture in ways modern music can't. Ethnic and traditional music lends itself to dancing just as much as modern music, so be prepared for tired feet!

Motown Moves:

"My Girl," "Heat Wave," "Baby Love," "I'll Be There" -- the list of Motown classics is endless. Dance songs and love songs, soul tunes and blues, they cover the range of emotions and tempos. Plus, you most likely won't send your grandparents scurrying for peace and quiet -- a risk you take when you include more modern sounds! You may not want to limit your selections strictly to Motown; include all kinds of soul and R&B classics, such as Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, all the Stax artists -- the list can go on and on!

Swing, Swing, Swing:

Swing music has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to the talents of bands like the Squirrel Nut Zippers and movies such as "Swingers." Its appeal spans generations, whether it's the grandparents who grew up with it, the parents who've traded the rock and roll of their youth for the smoother sounds of jazz, or the kids who've taken to the rhythms and big beats swing offers. Swing music is great for dancing and offers a lively tempo that guarantees a good time for all.

OK Karaoke:

You'll be surprised by how many of your uncles, aunts, cousins and friends will get up on the stage to sing along to a favorite (and sometimes half-forgotten!) tune. Karaoke has a way of bringing out the performer in everyone, and will be certain to provide for an unforgettable reception.

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