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What Are Some Fun, Popular Wedding Shower Games?


Bridal shower games may begin as guests arrive or after refreshments are served. Whether you choose to play traditional games or create your own, the idea is to keep them fun, personal, and focused on the bride.

Purse Bingo

Each guest holds her purse in front of her while someone reads a list of items that might be found inside. Whoever pulls the item out of her purse first wins a prize. The list begins with common things such as lipstick, but gets rowdier when unusual objects are announced, from a sewing kit to a toothbrush.

Safety Pins

Each guest is given a safety pin upon her arrival that affixes to her clothing. If she mentions a predetermined word, such as "wedding" or the groom's name, another guest (whoever is quickest) can take her safety pin. The guest who winds up with the most safety pins wins.

Marriage Recipe

Give everyone recipe cards and ask them to write down a creative recipe for a good marriage. Then have the bride read them aloud and try to guess who wrote what.


As each guest arrives, stick the name of a celebrity on his/her back so that they can look at everyone else's tag but are unable to see their own. Each guest needs to figure out who they are by asking yes or no questions to others.

The Dating Game

Before the shower, ask the bride a list of questions about herself and the groom (i.e., "When was your first kiss?"), making sure that she keeps her answers a secret. At the shower, give everyone a list of the questions and let them fill out what they think the answers are. The couple will sit on chairs in front of everyone and the groom answers each question, "Dating Game" style. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize.

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