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What's a Bridesmaids' Luncheon?


The bridesmaids' luncheon is a wonderful opportunity to thank those special women in your life for all their cooperation and support during this busy time.


Traditionally, the bridesmaids' luncheon could be hosted by either the bride or the bridesmaids. Nowadays, it's almost always hosted by the bride to thank her bridal party for their efforts. Attendees may also include other close friends or relatives participating in the wedding.


The "luncheon" can be dinner, brunch, or even an afternoon of group pampering at the local spa. The bridesmaids' luncheon can be formal and elegant or casual and fun. While the day before the wedding is still a popular time to host the bridal party luncheon, you may choose to have your event earlier.


This is a great time for the bride to present her attendants with thank-you gifts. If your mother and future mother-in-law will also be attending, you might want to take this opportunity to provide each with a gift of thanks for their support.


One charming custom associated with the bridesmaids'luncheon is the bridesmaids' cake. The details vary in the telling, but the bridesmaids' cake is often pink and contains a coin, thimble, or ring baked somewhere into the cake. The cake is cut, and a slice is distributed to each maid. Whoever finds the trinket in her slice is thought to be "blessed in affairs of the heart" -- possibly the next to wed.

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