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How Do You Plan A Reception At Your Home?


An at-home wedding is one of the most personalized ways to throw a beautiful event. If you're considering a home for your wedding venue, take a look at all the things to consider before you make a decision.


If you're thinking of being wed at home to save on costs, you may need to think again. Unless your wedding is very intimate and fairly casual, a wedding at home can cost more than an event held at a professional venue due to rentals and decor costs.


Tables, chairs, linens, silverware, glassware, plates -- the list is long and the rentals pricey. While a hotel or restaurant is built to accommodate the dining and drinking of guests, a home is usually stocked to accommodate a few people, so be sure to consider how much you'll need to bring in.


A formal wedding will require more decor than a casual one, so keep in mind the look you want for your wedding. Manicured lawns, a flowering rose garden, and a pool filled with floating candles may be all you need for a gorgeous backdrop. For a more formal look, you can tent the backyard and string it with lights, or marry indoors amid vase after vase of beautiful flowers.


Your caterer, your band, and your lighting scheme all need a source of electricity. Think about how many outlets are available and plan to bring in generators if needed.


You don’t want your guests spending their time in line for the restroom, so consider renting portable restrooms. There are many upscale options that aren't even vaguely reminiscent of outhouses, so don't feel you're doing guests a disservice with rentals.


If you're expecting a large number of guests, you may need to hire a valet company, especially if street parking in your area is sparse. Not only is it much more convenient for your guests, it may actually be a legal necessity depending on your neighborhood.

Restricted Areas

The party may be in the garden, but there may be areas in the house that you'll want to rope off. Close doors to rooms that are off-limits and mark the restrooms clearly. Your host may not appreciate a crowd of strangers touring their bedroom.

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