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What Happens at a Champagne and Cake Reception?


Thoughtfully timed between meals, champagne and cake as well as dessert receptions presume that guests won't come -- or leave -- hungry. For that reason, these celebrations generally take place immediately after a late afternoon or late evening ceremony and are almost always served buffet-style.

One of the most economical of wedding receptions, the champagne and cake reception is exactly what it sounds like. The main culinary attraction is the wedding cake, which can be accompanied by fresh fruits and assorted pastries. Beverages are usually limited to champagne (for toasting), soft drinks, sparkling waters, coffee, and tea. The cost for this type of reception generally falls between $8 and $20 per guest, depending on the intricacy of your wedding cake and your selection of champagne.

At a dessert reception, offerings tend to be slightly more expanded. Traditionally, couples serve wedding cake as well as an array of petit fours, cakes, tarts, pastries, and other delicacies. Additionally, brides and grooms may offer their guests cordials and other spirits, as well as champagne, wine, and nonalcoholic drinks. Dessert receptions are typically buffet-style events that cost between $15 and $35 per guest. For more decadent dessert menu ideas from Wolfgang Puck, click here.

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