Wedding Registry Etiquette 101


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Wedding Registry Etiquette 101

Study up on your registry etiquette.

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Believe it or not, there’s more to creating a dream registry than wandering through your fave stores with a scanner and a clipboard. While it’s your big day, it’s important to consider your guests while putting together your registry too. Follow our guide to basic registry etiquette to avoid committing any ugly offenses.

Think About Accessibility

No matter how much you adore that little décor boutique on the corner, if their products aren't sold online, it’s not convenient for out-of-town guests. It's okay to register for a few things at smaller stores, but the bulk of your picks should be with national or online retailers so all your guests have easy access. And remember that some guests will always be more comfortable shopping for wedding gifts in person or at stores they’re familiar with. Even if you prefer more quirky, nontraditional retailers, it’s a good idea to register for at least a few conventional items at a recognizable store.

Don't Hold Back

There's no "correct" number of stores to register with. Base your list on your own individual needs and circumstances. A traditional department store registry and a smaller interest-specific retailer may cover all the bases for you. Or your unique interests or geographic location may prompt you to register at as many as four or five stores.

Keep All Budgets in Mind

Because your guests will have a wide range of budgets, it's important to register for items at a variety of price points. Look for decorative pieces, like picture frames and vases, or accent items, like throw pillows and bath rugs—all fun but relatively inexpensive items available at most stores.

Don't Push Your Registries

Never insist that guests shop exclusively from your gift registries. Some people will prefer to surprise you with a carefully chosen, slightly more personal gift, or maybe even a handmade item. More traditional guests (often older family members) may also have their own ideas about what makes an appropriate wedding present. Remember, the gift giver is ultimately in charge of what you receive, while your job is simply to write a kind thank-you note.


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