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How Do You Care for Fine China and Porcelain?


It is safe to put your fine china dinnerware into the dishwasher using the “light” or “china” settings with mild detergent, as the extreme heat of the normal cycle may fade the gold or platinum bands and any colored decorations. Stack the dishwasher so none of the pieces can knock against each other, paying special attention to cup handles and other protruding decorations. Use the energy-saving air-dry setting to avoid exposing the fine dinnerware to high heat.

If you wash your fine dinnerware by hand, make sure the water is only moderately hot. Avoid using harsh detergents, scouring powders, or steel wool, and dry everything with a soft towel.

Modern fine china and porcelain are microwave-safe providing the decoration is not metal.

Store your fine china carefully in a closed cupboard or china cabinet, placing foam or heavy paper protector pads between plates and saucers. Store cups either hanging on small cup hooks or stacked two deep, one inside the other. By turning the lids of coffee and teapots and serving pieces upside down inside the piece itself, you will protect the lid handles. In areas prone to earthquakes, consider storing china in special padded storage containers and use quakeproof locks on your cupboards.

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