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How Do You Let Guests Know Where You're Registered?


First and foremost, it is considered improper to include information about where you are registered on or in your wedding invitation. In no way should it ever appear as though you are soliciting gifts or dictating what guests may purchase in order to celebrate your marriage.

That said, gift registries are extremely helpful to guests who want to know what you would like to receive. If guests ask you where you are registered, you may, of course, tell them. Also, brides and grooms have traditionally enlisted the support of their immediate family, closest friends, and wedding party to tactfully spread the word. The most popular way to "direct" your guests to your registry -- without even mentioning it -- is to create a wedding website. (You can create a free wedding website in minutes on our site.) The pages allow you to share your love story, announce your plans, and provide guests with all the information that will help them get to the wedding on time -- as well as list direct links to all of your online registries. Invite your guests to share in your celebration and get important information by visiting your wedding website pages, and the site will inform them about your registry as well. It’s a great way to get the word out about your registry while at the same time observing good etiquette.

Your shower host can include registry information with your shower invitations, as this type of celebration is virtually a shower of gifts. Just make sure you’ve registered for presents that would also be appropriate shower gifts.

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